Beverly Hills polo Club Smart Watch 54765 – The best smartwatch on the market

Beverly Hills polo Club Smart Watch 54765

Beverly Hills polo Club Smart Watch 54765

You cannot make mention of smartwatches without mentioning Beverly Hills polo Club Smart Watch 54765. This watch comes with amazing features which leave users perplexed. It has been designed to give users a great experience and it can be used with no difficulty. Read about the amatage smartwatch.

Specifications of the Smartwatch

  • A RAM of 32MB
  • A ROM of 32MB
  • 3.7V and 280mAH battery
  • A 3.9cm touchscreen
  • A pixel of 240 x 240
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Bluetooth of 4.0

Package of the smartwatch

  • 3.9cm touchscreen
  • 2 different sets of straps
  • Charger cord
  • Manual

How to connect your phone to Beverly Hills polo Club Smart Watch 54765

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth of the smartwatch.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your phone (scroll down and tap on the Bluetooth button).
  3. Find the name of the smartwatch and tap on it to connect.
  4. Download and install Glory Fit App.
  5. Tap on the app to open it.
  6. Log in
  7. Tap on add device
  8. Tap on the device connection
  9. Select your device

How to change the strap of your smartwatch

  1. Turn off the watch by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds
  2. Turn the watch ad let the backside face upwards.
  3. Gently pull the pin from the pinhole holding the strap.
  4. Detach the strap from its location.
  5. Place the pin at the edge of the hole.
  6. Place the strap in the strap slot and ensure it fits perfectly.
  7. Push the pin to pass through the holes in the strap. Have you heard about the chill band smartwatch?

How to operate Beverly Hills polo Club Smart Watch 54765

This smartwatch is one of the easiest to operate. You just have to know what the symbol of command means and tap on it. The list of commands you can issue on the smartwatch when it is connected to your phone are as follows:

  • Music
  • Setting alarms
  • Seeing incoming notifications
  • Seeing incoming, outgoing, and missed calls
  • Read messages
  • Monitor your sleep
  • Use it as a calculator
  • Use as camera control
  • Calculates totals steps for the day
  • Settings that can be used to activate and deactivate Bluetooth, choose either analog or digital clock, select the sound` of your choice for notifications, change the main user interface and brightness, etc.

How to charge your smartwatch

  • The charging cord is similar to what we use to charge android phones but it is recommended that only the Smartwatch 54765 charger should be used.
  • Connect the USB plug into the charging port,
  • Attach the USB plug into the USB port of a PC and charge the smartwatch. You can also read about how to charge a smartwatch without a charger when yours is faulty or gets missing.


I have shown you the amazing features of this great smartwatch. Do you think you can still opt for another one with all you have learned here today? Buy this Smartwatch 54765 today to be part of this family. Check out the agptek smartwatch.

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