How to test a CDI with a multimeter- The Hot and Cold test

how to test a CDI with a multimeter

How to test a CDI with a multimeter

People always fail to learn technical things in life and end up paying exorbitant prices for things they could have fixed easily. A capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) is a small device that collects and accumulates electrical charges and releases them via the ignition coil. This leads to the production of sparks in the petrol engine through spark plugs. With this explanation, you will understand that the CDI is a very vital part of engines be it in motorbikes, cars, boats, etc. This blog is written to educate individuals on how to test a CDI with a multimeter. You can also read about how to test a dryer moisture sensor with a multimeter.

When do you test a CDI?

Reasons, why one should know how to test a CDI multimeter, may be similar to problems like a faulty battery, a removed wire, a faulty stator, and a faulty regulator. However, you can test your CDI simultaneously with these parts when there are:

  • Engine misfire or stalling
  • Difficulty in starting
  • Bumpy ride
  • Worn-out wafers
  • The push start switch is not working
  • Decrease in car acceleration
  • Increased hydrocarbon emissions
  • Leakage of fuel or gas

Other names of the Capacitor Discharge Ignition

  • CDI module
  • Ignition box
  • Powerpack
  • Brainbox
  • Black box
  • Thyristor ignition

Step-by-step guide on how to test a CDI with a multimeter

How to test a CDI with a multimeter
How to test a CDI with a multimeter

Remove the CDI box

The first point you are going to make is where am I going to find this? The only problem you will face is that it is situated in a particular place. It can be in the battery, or under the seat. You can look at the manual that came with your machine, call the customer line or use google. Read on how to test a distributor with a multimeter.

Check for any physical damages

After completing the first stage, clean the CDI with a dry cloth and check if any part is damaged. Most of these physical damages may be caused by heat and smoke. This is done to prevent you from wasting your time on the unnecessary diagnosis of the CDI if any part is damaged.

As you clean and check for physical damages, the internal capacitance discharge current. You can facilitate the discharging of charges by waiting for about 45 minutes after removing the CDI.

Testing the CDI

How to test for CDI with a multimeter using the Cold Test

The first thing you do before using your multimeter is to check its continuity. This is done to see if the multimeter is in good working condition with all wires well connected. Rub the positive test probe against the negative test probe which will be indicated with a beep.

You then tune the multimeter to the resistance mode. The next thing you do is to detect the continuity of the CDI. This is an important test to detect the connectivity of all the wires. Place the test probes at different ends of the CDI. If the multimeter beeps, it shows that the CDI is at fault. If there is no beep, your CDI is in good working condition and the fault of the machine may be from either the battery, stator, or regulator. Have you heard about Computer Generated Imagery.?

Once it beeps, the fault could be from the diode or capacitor.

How to text CDI with a multimeter using the Hot Test

This test is usually done when you cannot remove our CDI. As usual, you always check for the continuity of your multimeter as I have explained on the cold test.

The CDI is always connected to the stator via blue and white wires. The hot test is done on the wires of the stator and a range for resistance is measured.

Turn and set your multimeter to 2000 resistance. Now place one test probe on the blue wire and the other probe on the white wire. If it reads between 76 and 86 ohms, your stator is in good condition.

You then check for the resistance of the ground wire and the white wire. If it reads between 359 to 491 ohms, then your stator is in great working condition.

If the resistance between the wires is out of range, the fault is from the stator but if it is in range then the CDI is faulty. You can also learn how to test a laptop battery with a multimeter.

Final thoughts

With the other names of the CDI, you will know how important it is to the motorbike. This do-it-yourself method will empower you to do regular checks and maintenance on your machine without spending large sums of money. Knowing how to test for CDI with a multimeter is another great skill you can add to your skills and make money from it. Another skill you can add is how to tune a monoblock ap with a multimeter.

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