How to use a diode laser hair removal machine

How to use a diode laser hair removal machine

How to use a diode laser hair removal machine

One of the best things about technology is that the alternatives they provide are mostly easy, safe, and faster. The diode laser hair removal machine is not only here to help remove overgrown hair or pubic hairs. Ladies who are born with high levels of testosterone that make them grow hair on their faces can now be prevented and stopped due to the invention of this device. This blog will guide you on how to use a diode laser hair removal machine to help you remove and reduce hair growth.

Diode laser hair removal is simply a device used to destroy melanin in hair follicles which will result in impeding the growth of hair. Read on how to use a 989nm diode laser vascular removal machine.

Parts of the diode laser hair removal machine

  • Temperature sensor
  • Control board
  • Power supply
  • LCD screen
  • Handpiece
  • Water filter
  • Power driver

Step-by-step guide on how to use the diode laser hair removal

Step 1- Plug into the main outlet

This is a basic step for all electrical devices to provide power

Step 2- Connect your laser handpiece.

Unlike many electrical devices, connecting the handpiece is not just done by placing the cord in the port. To ensure it is tightly fitted into the port, turn the lever on the plug of the cord connecting the handpiece

Step 3- Activate terminal interlock safety

This is a safety measure activated to protect the device from damage and also protect the user.

Step 4- Fill with distilled water

Behind the device, there is an inlet that will allow distilled water to pass through it.

Step 5- Start the machine

This is done by turning on the lever in front.

Step 6- Watch the screen if it will indicate any part not working properly.

Many people jump this step and later find it difficult to identify the cause of the fault. Observing what happens on the LCD screen after starting the machine will help you indicate and solve the problem before progressing to other steps.

Step 7- Alter the settings of the machine

You will all bear with me that anytime you buy a new device, settings are from the manufacturer which may not suit what you want to do.  Tap on the setting button to fill in or alter settings like language, handpiece series number, handle trigger control or foot pedal control, the total counter of laser handpieces, and equipment series number. Take a look at dental laser cleaning.

Step 8- Set up the parameters for the hair removal

This is done to ensure efficient work because clients come with different skin colors and textures which may require different energy levels. You can select your skin type or air and decrease or increase the temperature to make the client feel comfortable.

Step 9-Demarcate the treatment area

This is done to guide you on how to use the diode laser hair removal machine. Once the treatment area is marked, you will concentrate on the area to get accurate results.

Step 10- Clean the treatment area with a moist tissue

This takes off any dirt from the treatment area to allow easy functioning of the handpiece and also prevent cross-contamination if it is used for a lot of people. Read on how to clean 3d printers.

Step 11- Shave if there is any hair on the treatment area

Laser hair removal is done to reduce hair growth and must be done on the skin to get direct contact with the hair pores.

Step 12-Apply ultrasound gel/cooling gel in the treatment area

The gel protects the skin and simultaneously enhances the penetration of the laser into the skin.

Step 13- Wear protective google

This is worn by both the client and the operator to protect their eyes from the rays of the laser.

Step 14- Perform skin test

While doing the skin test, communicate to the client to know if he/she is alright.

Step 15- Decrease cooling temperature

Once the client feels comfortable during the skin test, decrease the temperature to about -5 degrees Celsius to cool the area while the hair removal is ongoing.

Step 16-Fast hair removal

Since the client is comfortable with the process, you can now start moving fast over the treatment area but you must be in constant communication with the client to know how he or she feels.                 

To make sure the whole treatment area is well catered for, move the laser handpiece horizontally, vertically, and circularly 3 or more times.

Step 17- Clean the laser handpiece once you are done

Put the machine on standby while you clean the laser outlet with moist tissue. After each session, you can clean the laser outlet with alcohol to prevent infection.

Step 18- Clean the treatment area

Use moist tissue to clean the treatment area after the removal.

How to use a diode laser hair removal machine- Is it effective?

Research by Nick Saddick and Dermatol showed that the use of 810nm laser diode hair removal proved that it is 70% effective.

This was proved when a histological counting of hairs was done after 6 months of using the device. According to the scientists, the hair count was drastically reduced.

Precautions on how to use diode laser hair removal machine

  • You must have 4-8 sessions to get complete results.
  • Sessions must be an interval of one month or 28 days.
  • Wear goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Ake sure you check the screen before stating the operations of the day.
  • Always be in constant communication with the client.
  • The client should keep the treatment area away from sunlight.
  • Smear sun creams on the treatment area.
  • Avoid bathing in hot water.
  • The energy of the lase should not be too high.
  • Drink enough water
  • Change the distilled water at least once a month.
  • Disinfect the laser handpiece after every session.
  • Do not wax before using the diode laser hair removal


After reading this blog, you will realize how easy it is to use diode laser hair removal. It is one of the most profitable businesses to go in. Many girls do not want hair on their legs, hands, and on faces so they tend to use this process a lot since it can help reduce the growth of the hair drastically. Take a look at Revlon dryer hair brush.

The steps have been simple and easy to understand in such a way that anybody who reads this will soon be a professional after practicing the steps for a few days.

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