10 best Dental Curing Lights- Price + Specifications

What is a Dental Curing Light?

A dental curing portable gadget with a lamp that generates intense light with a certain wavelength range to cure dental materials. A photoinitiator in the substance is stimulated by light, causing a polymerization reaction that results in the substance’s hardening. Dental curing lights can be corded or cordless and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The use of dental curing lights is significant in contemporary dentistry. They stimulate dental products, like composites and adhesives, using high-intensity light to swiftly solidify them

Types of Light Used in Dental Curing Light

  • Halogen lamp- The first kind of light used in dental curing lights was a halogen lamp. They generate visible light with a wide spectrum output at various wavelengths.
  • Light-emitting Diode (LED)- They produce high-intensity light and cure quickly, but they also produce a lot of heat and need a cooling system.
  • Plasma arc light- LED lights are the kind of illumination most frequently utilized in dental curing lights. LED lighting uses less energy, produces less heat, and lasts a very long time.
  • Laser light– Lasers trigger the photoinitiator in dental materials by producing a monochromatic, coherent output of a particular wavelength. They provide rapid curing times and fine control over the curing process. Read about the dental composite gun.

List of the 10 best Dental Curing Light

Bluephase G4 by Ivoclar Vivadent

dental curing light
Range of Wavelength380-520 nm
Luminous intensity1,200 mW/cm2
Duration3 min connected or 7 min disconnected
Light guide10 mm autoclave
Curing Light typeLED
Signal transmitterAcoustic signal every 10 seconds Pressing of the start/stop button Activation of the time/program Activation of glare protection Interruption of the polymerization process
DimensionHandpiece-L-17 cm, W: 3 cm, H- 3 cm
Charging base- D-11 cm, H-5.5 cm
WeightHandpiece– 0.30 lbs.
Charging base- 0.34 lbs.
Voltage required3.7 V DC with battery 5 V DC with power source

Elipar DeepCure-S Curing Light

Price$ 2,350.00
Range of wavelength430–480 nm
Luminous intensity1,470 mW/cm2
Power supplyLithium-ion battery
OperationIntuitive two-button and single-mode operation
Light guide10 mm, black coated, autoclavable, optimal intraoral
Curing time10-30 seconds
Charging time2 hours to fully charge
Weight0.40 lbs.
Length27 cm
Curing light typeLED

Smartlite Max Curing Light

Price$ 2,000.00
DimensionLength- 24 cm Diameter- 30 cm
Range of wavelength377-490nm
Luminous intensity1200 mW/cm2
Weight0.49 lbs.
Charging time180 mins.
Power supply90-240VAC 50-60 Hz
Operating temperature59oF- 86oF
Light guide10 mm, black coated, autoclavable, optimal intraoral
Curing light typeLED

Satelec Mini LED

Range of wavelength440-460nm
Luminous intensity1250 mW/cm2
Curing typeLED
Length of handpiece11.2 cm
Operation modeContinuous
WeightHandpiece- 0.16 lbs.
Charging base supply voltage12 V DC
Ambient temperature50oF- 86oF
Power supply100-240 VAC

Ultradent VALO Grand

Range of wavelength395-480 nm
Luminous intensity3200 mW/cm2
Voltage requiredInput- 12 VDC Output- 100-240 VAC
Charging time3 hours
Operating temperature50oF- 104oF
Relative humidity10% – 95%
Dimensions of handpiece20.3cm x 3.25cm x 2,7cm
WeightWith battery- 0.42 lbs.
Without battery- 0.33 lbs.

Kerr Demi Ultra

Dental Curing Light
Range of wavelength450-470 nm
Luminous intensity1330 mW/cm2
Curing modes5, 10 and 20 seconds
Type of curing lightLED
Light guide10mm autoclaved
WeightHandpiece- 0.41 lbs.
Charging base- 1.00 lbs.
DimensionHandpiece- 27 x 3.3cm Charging base- 14.7 x 8.1 x 7.6 cm

Coltene Spec 3 Curing Light

Dental Curing Light
Range of wavelength430-490 nm
Luminous intensity1,600-3,500 mW/cm2
Dimension of handpiece17.45cm x 2.48 cm
Weight of handpiece0.28 lbs.
Type of curing lightLED
Operation modeStandard, 3K and ortho modes
Light guide8 mm

Henry Schein Ultra Curing Light LED

Range of wavelength450-470 nm
Luminous intensity1200 mW/cm2
DimensionHandpiece- 25.4cm x 3.7cm x 2.6cm
Charging base- 11,6cm x 8,1cm x 7.6cm
Weight0.34 lbs.
Type of curing lightLED

Fusion 5 Curing Light

Dental Curing Light
Range of wavelength415-490 nm
Luminous intensity2300-4000 mw/cm2
Type of curing lightLED
Light guide10 mm
Dimension of handpiece20.0 cm x 21
Weight0.24 lbs.
Operation modeStandard and pulse

Woodpecker LED-B Curing Light

Dental Curing Light
Range of wavelength420-480 nm
Luminous intensity1000 mW/cm2
Dimension of handpiece26.0cm x 3.1cm x 3.4cm
Weight of handpiece0.21 lbs
Type of curing LightLED
Powe input100-240 VAC
Battery voltage3.7V
Battery capacity2000 mAH

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