Doug McDermott Girlfriend, Wife and Ex-girlfriend

Doug McDermott girlfriend, ex-girlfriend and wife

Doug McDermott Girlfriend, WIfe and Ex-girlfriend

Doug McDermott: Sharpshooting forward from college star to NBA player Doug McDermott, sometimes known as “Dougie McBuckets,” is a forward who plays right now for the San Antonio Spurs. At 6’7″, he is renowned for both his astute shot selection and his fluid stroke from beyond the arc. In this blog, we will delve into the private lie of McDermott girlfriend, ex-girlfriend and wife.

McDermott’s path to the NBA was paved by achievements throughout his college years. Being the first player to be selected a three-time AP First Team All-American in 29 years, he catapulted Creighton University to national prominence. Throughout his NBA career, he has averaged over 10 points per game, demonstrating his sustained scoring prowess.

Doug McDermott girlfriend, wife, mom, dad, salary, bio and wiki

Full NameDouglas Richard McDermott
Date of birthJanuary 3, 1992
Age32 years as of 2024
Zodiac signCapricorn
Place of birthGrand Forks, North Dakota
Doug McDermott dadGregg McDermott
Doug McDermott wifeTheresa McDermott
SiblingsNick McDermott Sydney McDermott
High SchoolAmes High School
CollegeCreighton University
Year of draft2011
Teams playedChicago Bulls (2014-2017)
Oklahoma City Thunder (2017)
New York Nicks (2017-2018)
Dallas Mavericks (2018)
Indiana Pacers (2018-2021)
San Antonio Spurs (2021-present)

Doug McDermott Girlfriend.

Who is McDermott Currently Dating? This question has been on the lips of NBA fans as they are keenly interested in the private life of NBA player, McDermott.

Doug McDermott has no girlfriend at the moment. There have been rumors of McDermott dating some celebrities in the past and I will bring that to you in the next paragraph. All you need to know about Jordan Poole’s girlfriend, Kim Cruz.

McDermott Ex-Girlfriend

As an NBA player earning huge money, ladies will always be at his beck and call.

These are some ladies believed to be the ex-girlfriend of McDermott.

Lauren Wood

Doug McDermott ex-girlfriend

Lauren Wood is an American songwriter and singer who dated Doug McDermott. At a point, many people thought he was Doug McDermott wife.

Lauren and McDermott did not date for long and the cause if the breakup was unknown because none of the made it public. The breakup was amicable and they did not want any media attention and scrutiny.

Kendall Jenner

McDermott exgirlfriend
Doug McDermott and Kyle Jenner

The two were believed to be dating when McDermott declared his love for the top model. He came out to clear the air that it was his admiration for the top model that made him declare that statement but had noting to do with her romantically. All you need to know about Jaime Jaquez girlfriend.

Others also believed that he did that to get the attention of the model because, she has been her crush for a while.

Olivia Munn

McDermott and ex-girlfriend

Once you are a celebrity and you hang out with someone of the opposite sex, everybody assumes you are in a romantic relationship especially when are seen together.

Olivia Munn is best known for playing Sloan Sabbith in The Newsroom.

Olivia and McDermott were seen at a restaurant in the City of Angels.

Many waited impatiently of any of them to confirm the rumors but nothing like that happened.

Who is Doug McDermott Wife? – Is Doug McDermott married?

Douglass Richard McDermott plays in the NBA and as such a celerity known by many people.

There have been many rumors of Doug McDermott having a wife but I confirm that they are all false.

Doug McDermott has never been married.

Is Dean McDermott and Doug McDermott Related?

Dean McDermott is a Canadian actor and producer while Doug McDermott is an American Playing in the National Basketball Association for San Antonio Spurs. Do you know about The Sochans.

Although they may look alike and have the same surname, they are not related in any way.

Interesting Facts About Doug McDermott

  • College trick shot king: McDermott was well-known for his amazing trick shots at Creighton before to his NBA career. He once sat on the scorer’s table and made a half-court shot!
  • Guitarist: McDermott is a gifted musician who likes to spend his leisure time strumming the guitar. He has even played the national anthem during a Creighton game.
  • Bookworm: McDermott, who prides himself on being an athlete, admits to being a bookworm and a fan of historical novels and biographies.
  • Philanthropist: McDermott has a strong desire to give back and is active in a number of nonprofits, such as the Doug McDermott Foundation, which aids underprivileged children.

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