How Technology Has Helped Education

How has technology helped education

The key aim for the use of technology in education is to improve on already known practices and find different new ways of making teaching and learning more effective. Although technology has always been used in technology, we all saw what it achieved during the Covid-19 pandemic. Again, technology gives students a wide imagination since they can obtain information from different accredited sources. There are many ways in which technology has helped education. The next paragraph will explain the relevance of technology in education.

Easy Accessibility to Information

Before the use of technology, information on a subject could only be gotten from teachers and textbooks. Thanks to the internet and computers, scholars can publish their works for everybody to get access to it. The use of search engines like google and bing has also increased accessibility to information. These search engines provide a platform where anybody can just post or publish any information through websites. This has made education very interactive and fun since you can get a variety of ideas on a particular subject. Publishing their works also allows other scholars to build upon what they already know. When information becomes accessible, learning becomes so easy that students will not have to only rely on what is in their textbooks or what was taught by their teacher. This will also make a student open-minded because they will get to know different methods of doing a particular thing and through that, they will come out with their method.

Universities are now resorting to the use of online libraries. This is another way of making information accessible. Students will no longer go to the library to get a book for an assignment or project. All they need is their logins to get access to the library. This will promote research because accessibility to good books comes with no stress. Read about VERASENSE Orthosensor.

Long-Distance Education

The Covid-19 pandemic showed the relevance of technology in education. When the pandemic reached its peak, many things came to a standstill. One of these things was education. Students need to progress to a new level to allow new ones to come in. How could this be achieved? This is where technology came in. Schools had to resort to the use of online classes to complete their courses to graduate. Though long-distance education was already in motion, it became more ubiquitous during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the lockdown and closure of schools, many students had to attend lectures from home through platforms like Sky, Zoom, Moodle, Google Classroom, and others. Assignments were either sent through emails or on one of the platforms I have mentioned. Even after the lockdown. Many people still prefer being at home to school since it is more flexible; they can work and still be schooling.

Again, people will not have to travel overseas to attend school. Courses with less practical can be done anywhere in the world in the comfort of your home. This is will reduce the cost of transportation and renting a place.

Special Education

The use of technology in special education is one of the few ways technology has helped education. Putting students with special needs and people with no special needs in a classroom together can be very frustrating to students with special needs. Since they cannot keep up with the students with no special needs, some teachers see them as a hindrance to the class. Due to this, engineers have created devices that aid in learning.

One such device is the NOVA Chat. This device provides help to students with reading disabilities. What this device does is translate speech into text on the screen. It also reads sentences audibly for the student to know the pronunciation correctly.

The main purpose of technology in special education is to allow people with special needs to have their way of learning despite all the challenges they face. There is less nervousness, enhanced connection with classmates, improved academic performance and they find a more comfortable way of communicating with classmates. Read Also: How has technology improved healthcare.

Effective Assessment

Usually, teachers assess students by taking turns to go through all students’ work which can be very tiring. Technology has helped education through effective assessment by allowing teachers to check the progress of their students digitally.  The software can be created to assess a child’s work without the teacher even looking at it. When assignments are submitted by students, they are assessed immediately. This allows the student to know his/her strength in a particular subject. Teachers can also track their student’s performance with less stress since results will be sent to the teachers’ mail.

This will make the teacher for the work easier. Students will know where they need help from and teachers will also do more research to find various ways to make understanding the principle easy for the student.

Safety and Security

In the United States of America, there has been an increase in school shootings. Security and safety are a priority for the heads of the various schools. Schools are now seeking biometric data to make entry into school premises very strict. This action will beef up the security system of schools and deter terrorists and criminals from entering the school.

The use of CCTV cannot be left out when we mention how technology has helped education in terms of safety and security. Our eyes cannot be everywhere all the time. The use of CCTV can detect or alert the security of people who tend to use unusual routes into the school to harm students and teachers.

With the use of such technologies, parents, students, and teachers will now be to focus since a safe and conducive environment has been created.

Fun way of learning

Technology is helping students who find it difficult to grasp easy and complex theories. This is achieved through creation of games based on the subject and topic to aid the student in grasping the concept. Most children love to play games so this technique of learning propels the student to understand whatever is being taught with less difficulty.

With more of such games being created, students, especially children will always be eager to go to school to study.

Conclusion on how technology has helped education

Technology in education is addressing major challenges in the education system. Regular use of technology will prepare students for the real world. Technology cannot replace teachers. They both work hand in hand to give students a great experience. Students have also benefited from this as they can improve and add more value to projects and assignments with easy access to information. Technology has therefore helped education in ways that cannot be imagined.

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