VERASENE-What is it? What is VERASENSE used for? How does it work?


VERASENE-What is it? What is VERASENSE used for?

Knee arthroplasty is the surgical reconstruction or replacement of the bone. During knee arthroplasty, most surgeons do ‘try and error’. They did not have any tool to measure how accurately the implant has been positioned. This makes the patient feel uneasy even after a knee replacement surgery. This is because improper positioning of the implant may cause pain to the patient and waste of money. So how can this be curbed? Thanks to Orthosensor Incorporated, this dissatisfaction from patients is no more and they get a good run for their money. Orthosensor Incorporation curbed this problem by creating a device called VERASENSE. Check on how technology has improved healthcare delivery.


VERASENSE is a small device that conveys data from the site of surgery (the knee) to the surgeon. This data is displayed on the screen to allow the surgeon to view the implant’s positioning.

VERASENSE is a wireless sensor-assisted device that aids surgeons during total knee replacement surgery.

How does VERASENSE work?


Many people think that VERASENSE is an implant but they’ve got it all wrong. It is a sensor that is disposed of right after use.

Instead of using the tibial spacer, the VERASENSE sensor sends signals to a monitor when the knee is moved. These signals are sent to aid the surgeon in choosing the right implant shape to allow balance and stability in the knee after the surgery.

Surgeon’s and Patients’ perspectives on the sensor

According to orthopedic surgeons, the device does not change the flow of work but gives them more information about the positioning of the knee.

Patients have also given good reviews about the device. The pain after surgery is no more and they can move about frequently without feeling any pain. Read on how technology has helped education.

Importance of VERASENSE?

  • It enhances the longevity of the implant
  • It enhances soft tissue balance
  • It enables stability
  • It has eradicated premature implant failure
  • The surgeon no longer does ‘try and error’
  • Determines ligament balance
  • Determines compartmental load distribution


All these reviews will allow your doctor to use a VERASENSE sensor when a total knee replacement surgery is being done or you will opt for the tibia spacer. It is obvious you will go with the former.

Once again, technology in healthcare is one of the best thing that has happened to mankind. Do you know the list of best electrolyte analyzers used in the hospitals.

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