Chillband smartwatch- The most reliable smartwatch for your android and iOS phones.

chillband smartwatch

Chillband smartwatch

As the name implies, it looks more like a band than a watch but since it has the characteristics of a smartwatch it can be included as such. Chillband smartwatch provides o with a sleek and super lightweight watch which makes wearing it very easy. It is a brand you can depend on as many people have tried and proved it. Read on the amatage smartwatch.

How to pair the chillband smartwatch to our phone

  1. Go to settings on your phone and turn on Bluetooth. You can also turn on Bluetooth by scrolling down the phone and tapping on the Bluetooth sign.
  2. Install the latest version of Veryfit on the phone. This can be done on both iOS and Android,
  3. Launch the app and allow notifications
  4. Turn on the chillband smartwatch by pressing the power button at the side.
  5. Go to add device page on the phone and click on the name of your smartwatch.
  6. The correct sign will appear near the name of the smartwatch.
  7. Tap on ok. The smartwatch will vibrate to signify pairing.
  8. You will now provide answers to a list of questions about your body which will make the app aid watch in calculating the distance you have traveled and even calories used. Find out about the agptek smartwatch.

Simple operations of the chillband smartwatch via the Veryfit app

  • The home page of the app displays the total steps for the day, the goal for the day, and the percentage of the attained goal.
  • From the home page, you can also move to the daily and historical data charts. This will display your results in graphs and charts. Monthly and weekly achievements can be viewed here to help you know your progress,
  • Another page you can navigate is sleep monitoring. This can be activated by pressing and holding the selector button. When this is activated, the quality and length of your sleep are calculated. Read on how to charge the Beverly hills polo club smartwatch.

Other features of the chillband smartwatch you can activate on your phone

  1. Set alarms
  2. Sedentary alarm
  3. Incoming call notification
  4. Incoming SMS
  5. Notifications from social media

When all these notifications are activated on the phone, the notifications will display on the smartwatch. Find out how to use a smartphone as a projector.


The chillband smartwatch is no different from other smartwatches One reason why most people prefer this brand to other smartwatches is its longevity and lightweight. I will recommend you buy this smartwatch any day and at any time. Read on how to bypass google lock on a smartphone with a PC.

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