The Amatage smartwatch

amatage smartwatch

Amatage smartwatch

One of the best devices to aid in tracking the body system is the smartwatch. The smartwatch has been designed to help you monitor the level at which you train by providing statistics on things like calories, heartbeat, number of steps taken, and pulse rate. With the huge number of brands on the market, you may easily buy a fake product that may not even last long. But with an amatage smartwatch, you can never go wrong. Find out how to root a smartphone without a PC.

Specifications of amatage smartwatch

  • A ring screen size of 3.3cm
  • Weighs about 0.50kg
  • A full length of 23cm
  • An IP76 waterproof level
  • The straps may be of leather or silicon
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • !80mAh battery capacity
  • Block charging method
  • A 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity
  • 240×240 screen pixels
  • Compatible with android 4.4 and versions higher than that
  • Compatible with iOS 9.0 and versions higher than that

How to install the amatage smartwatch app on your phone

Most apps can be used by several smart watches but the most recommended app is the Glory Fit app. This is what will aid you in tracking how the body system reacts to exercise.

  • Go to the Play store or App store and type Glory Fit in the search bar,
  • Tap on the app.
  • Tap on install.
  • Launch the app.
  • Move to the bottom right corner and tap on My Profile.
  • Tap on google fit.
  • Select approve.
  • Choose Allow

How to connect the amatage smartwatch to the phone/app

  • Launch the app
  • Tap on add device
  • Tap on the search icon
  • Tap on device connection
  • Choose your device.

After a successful pairing to the phone through Bluetooth, the app automatically stores the address of the amatage smartwatch. When the app is opened in the background, it will automatically connect to the smartwatch. Read on how to use a smartphone as a CCTV camera.

How to operate the amatage smartwatch.

Once you are logged into the app and you connect it to h smartwatch, the correct time and date will appear without you alternating anything.

The watch comes with three main interfaces which can be switched by pressing and holding the interface for three seconds. Did you know that a smartphone can be used as a projector?

It also has the main menu interface where you can read your status, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sports, weather, message, stopwatch, settings, and search.


When you tap on status, you can read your total steps taken in a day, distance covered, and your calory.

Heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen

Though these parameters may differ, they have some similarities. These 3 parameters can only be measured when the smartwatch is tightened around the wrist. When the watch is not tightly fixed on the wrist these parameters will not be measured and it will display the failure interface. Read on the agptek smartwatch lw11 manual.

During the measurement of heart rate, a LED will light up at the back of the smartwatch and you must make sure that there is no air space which will prevent external light from interfering with the LED.


Change the interface and select sports. You can now enter your preferred sports activity.


This interface is used to find the phone when it is connected to it. This is done by pressing and holding on to the search interface.

Setting the reminder

To activate the reminder, do it on the app by going to Device. You can only receive your reminder on the smartwatch when it is connected to the phone via Bluetooth. Find out about the chillband smartwatch.

Reminders that can be set are call, SMS, alarm, sedentary, email, and charging reminders.

How to charge the amatage smartwatch

Always ensure you are charging the smartwatch with its right charger.

  1. Place the charging circular base of the charger behind the watch and it will adhere to it through magnetism.
  2. Plug into a PC’s USB port or a charge.

Frequently Ask Questions FAQ about amatage smartwatch

Is the watch bulletproof?

It is an IP67 waterproof watch. This means that you can bathe and wash your hands with the watch. It can also be left in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 3.2 feet.

Why should the watch be tight when measuring Heart rate?

LED behind the watch penetrates the skin to measure the heart rate. When it is loosely worn, there will be interference with external light which will bring out a false negative.

Why can I not find the smartwatch?

Make sure that the watch is on. If it still cannot be seen, turn off the Bluetooth for about 30 seconds and turn it on again. If the problem still persists make sure that the smartwatch is not connected to any device. You can also restart the phone. Read on how to bypass a google lock on a smartphone.


  • Do not expose the watch to extreme heat and pressure.
  • A faulty watch should be repaired by a skilled technician.
  • Do not clean with substances like alcohol and cleaning solvents.
  • Clean sweat, oil, and water on your wrist before wearing the watch.


You can never go wrong with an amatage smartwatch. Looking at the features and what it does, it is your best brand of smartwatch you must choose from.

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