How to use a 980nm diode laser vascular removal machine

How to use a 980nm diode laser vascular removal machine

What is a 980nm diode laser vascular removal machine?

A 980nm diode laser vascular removal machine is a device designed with the optimum wavelength to eliminate irregular blood vessels like spider veins on the surface of the skin.

Importance of 980nm diode laser vascular removal machine

The invention of this device has helped a lot of people in ways you cannot imagine.

Firstly, the use of this device relieves the client or patient from the pain he/she goes through. Though the pain may not be high, it makes one feel uncomfortable because it is accompanied by itchiness.  

Again, using this device has helped improve people’s confidence. Imagine being a model with a spider vein appearing on your face. This prevents the weird look people give you any time you walk around.

How does the 980nm diode laser vascular removal machine work

The use of a this machine is on the rise, many people go in for this now but not all know how it works. Even many professionals know how to use it but fail to find out the principle behind their lovely work. Read about laser dental cleaning.

The blood vessels absorb the high energy produced by the laser light at 980nm. This hardens the blood vessels and gradually destroys both the content and the blood vessels.

The laser outlet has been made very small to enable direct focusing on the treatment pattern without any negative effects like burning.

How to use 980nm diode laser vascular removal machine

Every machine comes with a manual. Yours may be slightly and may come with no manual. This is where I come in because I will provide you with every detail to help you know how the machine even if you are a newbie. Read on how to use the diode laser hair removal machine.

Step 1- Start the machine

This is just a normal process with every device. After switching it on, wait for it to load before you start the subsequent processes.

Step 2- Select language

The default language of devices is mainly from their country of origin. Select your preferred language.

Step 3- Adjust your parameters

These factors will show the efficiency of the device. Setting these parameters at the right level will allow your client to feel comfortable while the session is ongoing. The parameters are power, pulse, and frequency

Step 4-Disinfect the treatment area

Use 70-100% alcohol to wipe the treatment area. This is done to make sure that there will be no transmission of germs via the laser handpiece.

Step 5- Put on goggles

Goggles prevent the eye from getting exposed to laser light.

Step 6-Place the cooling hammer on the affected area

By pressing the button on the cooling hammer, its effect is felt on the skin after a few seconds. Pass it over the treatment area to make the whole area cold.

Step-8 Start the removal

Remove the laser handpiece from the hatchet and direct it to whatever you are treating. If it is a spider vein, direct the light directly on the lines of the vein and gently follow the pattern to ensure complete removal.

Step 9- Communicate with the patient

As you start the session, talk to your patient to know how he/she feels Once he or she complains of pain, decrease the level of the power to make the patient feel comfortable.

Step 10- Clean the laser handpiece

You can clean it with alcohol or a moist tissue paper

What can a 980nm diode laser vascular removal machine treat?

After learning how to use the machine, you will want to know what to treat with the device. The following is the list of abnormalities this device can help eliminate with immediate effect.

  • Spider veins
  • Lymphedema
  • Pigment lesions
  • Acne or pimple
  • Telangiectasia
  • Nails Fungus

How many sessions for a 980nm diode laser vascular removal machine?

The number of times you opt for removal may vary due to the number of veins. It is mostly between 1-4 sessions. With these sessions, there must be a duration of about 7 weeks between each of them.

How long does it take to get the removal of spider veins?

To ensure the complete removal of spider veins this machine will take you about 12-16 weeks. During these weeks, do not apply any harsh cream to the treatment area. You can apply Vaseline.

Which part of the body can a 980nm diode laser vascular removal machine be used?

This device can be used on every part of the body without having any effect. It can be used on the face since spider veins can develop there.


  • It should not be overheated
  • Clean after use
  • Check the voltage before plugging it into the main outlet.
  • It should be repaired by licensed professionals


  •  Placing it on a leveled surface
  • Always out on goggles.
  • Do not expose the laser to your eye or that of the patent/client.
  • Be in communication with the client/patient.


With the rise in the use of a laser to eliminate vascular vessels, how to use the machine properly should be our ultimate aim. This is because the wavelength allows the treatment of others which is an additional use to what you have purchased.

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