Jeanine Robel: Who is Anthony Edwards Girlfriend?

Jeanine Robel: Who is Anthony Edwards Girlfriend

Anthony Edwards plays basketball for the Minnesota Timberwolves in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was selected by the Timberwolves as the first overall choice in the 2020 NBA Draft.  He participated in college basketball for the University of Georgia Bulldogs. He is well renowned for his jump shot and 3-pointer as a shooting guard. He was born on August 5, 2001. He is sometimes referred to as the Ant-man. Edwards played running back, quarterback, and cornerback for most of his youth. He made his relationship public when he dedicated his 44 points against the Houston Rockets to his girlfriend, Jeanine Robel. Do not forget to take a look at Tyrese Haliburton’s girlfriend.

What is the Name of Anthony Edwards Girlfriend?

Jeanine Robel is Anthony Edwards’ romantic partner. She was raised in a Christian home and was born on January 24, 1994.  On January 22, 2023, during a game between the Timberwolves and the Rockets, Edwards dedicated a milestone to his girlfriend. They hadn’t been in the public eye when he initially made their relationship known, so this was the first time. It is believed that they are still together.

Who are the parents of Jeanine Robel?

Jeanine Robel likes to live her life away from the media so not much is known about her parents. It is believed that she was raised in a staunch Christian home. Have you read about Brandin Podziemski’s Polish dad?

Although she is the girlfriend of popular NBA player Anthony Edwards, her siblings, and other family members are not known. Do not forget to take a look at Jalen Green’s dad.

Is Jeanine Robel Married?

She is not married. She is currently dating NBA superstar Anthony Edwards.

Does She Have Any Children?

She does not have any children

Physical Traits of Jeanine Robel

She is about 5 feet, 6 inches tall. She weighs about 150 lbs. She has a flawless dark skin. She has brown eyes which make her very beautiful.

What is the Net worth of Jeanine Robel?

Jeanine Robel is a university graduate who works in a corporate organization. Again, she hides all these from the eyes of the public to live a low-key life.

Anthony Edwards career

Edwards displayed impressive scoring ability throughout his rookie season, routinely throwing down spectacular dunks and showcasing a well-honed offensive skill set. Combining his defensive prowess with his offensive versatility, the young player showed promise for the future. Edwards gained admiration from teammates and spectators alike for his bravery on the court and his willingness to face adversity. Read about foreign players who have won MVP.

Anthony Edwards is a one-time All-Star player and has a career-high of 49 points against the San Antonio Spurs. Edward participated in the 2023 FIBA tournament member of the US basketball team. He averaged 10.9 making him America’s top scorer during the tournament. Take a look at Tyrese Haliburton’s parents.

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