How to clean a Dyson hair dryer filter- 8 Simple steps to use

How to clean a Dyson hair dryer filter

How to clean a Dyson hair dryer filter

Dyson hair dryer has become one of the main household items for both males and females. The name suggests that it is used to dry hair but that is not the only function. It is also used in the styling of hair as it changes the position and appearance of the hair making it more appealing. As the hair dryer is frequently used, its efficiency may reduce but that does not mean that it is worn out. It may be that hair particles of residues of materials used in styling the hair have been trapped in the filter of the hair dryer. Many users of the hair dryer, both at home and hair stylists alike hire professionals for them to take a look at such things but this can simply be resolved when they learn how to clean a Dyson hair dryer filter. Read on how to use diode laser hair removal machine.

How to clean a Dyson hair dryer filter – Materials needed

  • Non-abrasive sponge or brush
  • Water
  • Liquid soap
  • A dry cloth or tissue paper

A step-by-step guide on how to clean the Dyson hair dryer filter

  • Unplug the dryer cord– This is a step we are all accustomed to when dealing with electrical gadgets. Turn it off and unplug the cable. Make sure you allow it to cool down if it was being used. While it is cooling, you can examine for any physical damages.
  • Detach the filter case– It is attached to the dryer body through magnetism This case is detached from the dryer turning the filter case anti-clockwise and pulling it downwards towards the rope. Once it gets to the rope, it can be removed easily since Dyson filter cases have side openings which make detaching it from the filter very easy.
  • Soak the filter case– Bring the filter case near the light to see the degree of dirt in it. Place the filter in mild and warm soap solution for at least fifteen minutes to loosen the residues of materials that are stuck on it.
  • Wash the filter case-Most hair dryers come with brushes so they can be used to wash the filter to remove any stain left on the filter. You can also use a non-abrasive brush or sponge to wash the filter case to prevent scratching. Read about lylux cordless hair dryer.
  • Rinse the filter case– After washing, rinse the filer case in clean water or under running tap water to wash off the soapy and styling residues.
  • Dry the filter case– Since you may be in a hurry to use the Dyson hair dryer, you will not be able to wait for it to dry. So, the best option is to use clean tissue paper to clean and blot water. Bring it close to the light to see if it has been thoroughly cleaned. You can also read about how to test the dryer moisture sensor.
  • Wipe filter– Use a clean dry cloth or tissue paper to clean the filter.
  • Fix the filter case– Make the side opening wide and pass it through the cable. Pull it till it covers the filter and turns it clockwise to make it fit perfectly. Shake to ensure that it is tightly fixed to prevent removal when being used. Take a look at Revlon dryer hair brush.


Is this not simple? Why will you not save the little money you have and learn how to clean the Dyson hair dryer filter? Learning how to do simple things like this not only save you money from unscrupulous technicians but also increases the life span of the dryer and enhances its efficiency. Find out how to remove Dyson hair dryer attachments.

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